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I've been using computers since the early 1980s. I started out programming simple games and other programs on my Commodore 64. I've been using computers ever since. The best teacher is experience, however for many, a push in the right direction is necessary.

I offer One-on-One personal computer training on your computer. We'll discuss your goals and then work together to achieve them. We'll work at it until you understand it, but don't worry, there won't be a test!

Whether you want to know how a computer works or want to better understand how to use Windows, I've got the experience to provide you with the answers. For computer users looking to extend their knowledge and marketability, I can teach you to use Office productivity tools like MS Office and OpenOffice.org. Thinking of getting into web design and development? I can get you started.

Please Contact Me to setup your one-on-one training session.